Disruptive Behavior Among Middle School Students


  • Noor Ghareeb Alasadi Dr. Khader Abbas Ghaylan


The current research aims to identify the Disruptive behavior of middle school students, and to achieve this, the two researchers built a scale of chaotic behavior according to the theory of "Bandura", 1994, and the number of paragraphs of the scale (30) paragraphs, and the scale was applied to a sample of (200) students in schools The morning middle school for boys affiliated to the Directorate of Education of Baghdad / Karkh, the first for the year 2002-2023, where they were chosen in the stratified random way, and after processing the data using the statistical bag (SPSS), and the results showed that the students have chaotic behavior, and in light of the results, the researchers presented a set of conclusions, recommendations and proposals

. keywords: Disruptive behavior, Middle school students

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02