Victory Engraving (RES 3945)King of Spa Karib El-Watr (7th century BC) An analytical study with its religious contents


  • Dr. Saad Abood Sammar


The study sheds light on the victory inscription (RES 3945) of the King of Spa Karib El-Watr (7th century BC), and the wars that he waged against the kingdom of Awsan. Our intention in this study was not to focus on the political and military aspects of the inscription, but rather on its religious contents. What is mentioned in it of the names of the gods, their functions and characteristics, and how was religious mythology employed in serving the political goals of the king? Especially a belief. In addition to the rituals that were imposed on the king to perform before waging wars, And after achieving the victory that was described by the rituals of the victor, especially with regard to raising the status of God and extending the space for his worship.

Keywords: Victory Engraving, Karb El-Watr, Spa, Yemen.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02