Organizational confidence of male and female teachers in Baghdad schools


  • Mudhar A. Muhammad Sultan al-Jubouri


The current study aimed to determine the organizational trust، and to study the potential impact of each gender variable (male - female) on a sample of male and female teachers in the second Rusafa، Baghdad. The research sample consisted of (200) male and female teachers from Al-Rusafa Second School in Baghdad.

The researchers prepared a measure to measure organizational trust، which was an important part of the prerequisites for the current study. If the scale consists of (54) items from the raw images، the apparent validity of the scale is verified by submitting the items to. A set of arbitrators and coefficients of differentiation and correlation are extracted for the passages of the scale so that the scale becomes its final form consisting of (50) items related to the variables studied، Then the researcher applies the scale to the basic research sample، which consisted of (200) male and female teachers from the Second Sectoral Council in Al-Rusafa of Baghdad Governorate، and after collecting information for statistical treatment using the t-test and Pearson's correlation coefficient، the researchers obtained several results، including: Organizational confidence among the sample members

From the results of the current study، the researchers reached the following conclusions:

  1. Male and female teachers enjoy good organizational confidence at the general level.
  2. Specialization and gender do not affect the application of organizational trust in schools.


In light of the previous results، the researchers made the following recommendations:

1- Preparing seminars and lectures on the concept of organizational trust in continuous development centers in schools and universities and explaining them to teachers and principals in general.

2- Benefiting from measures of organizational trust in the academic field، including the educational and administrative fields.


In addition to the current study، the researchers propose several studies and scientific studies as follows:

1- Conduct research and research similar to the current study on other samples، such as school principals، general managers، department heads، university presidents، etc.

2- Conducting research and additional research on organizational trust in universities and its relationship to other variables such as job satisfaction، decision-making، religious affiliation, motivation، and academic achievement.

  Keywords: organizational trust، teachers، female teachers، Baghdad.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02