Negotiation anxiety among educational candidates


  • Hussein Aliwi Jassim, Dr. Mahmoud Shaker Abdel – Razzaq


The current research aimed to identify the negotiation anxiety of educational counselors and to verify this. The researchers built a measure of interfering anxiety , which consisted of (33) items. The psychometric characteristics of the scale were not extracted from validity, stability and discrimination, as all (33) items were valid and fixed , and this was applied to a sample of (200) male and female counselors in secondary schools who were tested in a random stratified manner for the academic year (2022 – 2023), and processing the data, use statistical portfolio for psychological and Educational sciences (SPSS) , The results showed that educational counselors have chaos anxiety.

In light the results, the researchers presented a set of recommendations, including:

1 – The ministries and directorates of education throughout Iraq should pay more attention to what improves work environments twice Educators, the skills of dialogue and discussion, are more proud they are.

2 – School administrations should pay more attention to the work of the counselors and prepare the means for the success of their work and reduce all possible harm affects the lack of fulfillment of their needs.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02