Dialectics of the Ego and Other (Origins، Notion، and Theory)


  • Prof. Dr. Shareef Bashir Ahamed


The relationship between ego and the other has embodied physical and moral conflict between man and man on the one hand ، and thought philosophy and systemization of the cultural preferentiality in reality and existence، on the other hand. It has been shifted from duality to establishing self being، and contravening the other . The relation ,thus، has become discrepant issue in different literatures ,and intellectual efficiencies demanding well-aware critical study based on philosophical preferentiality، psychological trends، literary contexts، and descriptive features in terms of vision and form. The image of ego and the other represents self experience – exchangeable individual - in linguistic context from which implicit narration shifted to explicit one ; from abstract meanings to overloaded structures ;and from mental abstract to imaginary embodiment .This is why the ego has cultural and political values that converge the ego in terms of roots، motives and effects whereas diverge him in terms of vision because they are separate in the existence.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02