A training program based on productive thinking skills and its impact on achievement motivation for middle school geography teachers


  • M. Ahmed Saqb Ghaly, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Jawad Al-Azzawi


The current study aims to develop a training program for middle school geography teachers based on productive thinking skills and to assess its impact on their achievement motivation. The researchers adopted an experimental design with partial control for two equal groups. The research community includes teachers of geography for the preparatory stage affiliated with the Directorate of Education in Diwaniyah. The sample size was 42 male and female teachers. The program was built according to three stages (planning, implementation, and evaluation). (10) training days were identified, with two sessions per day, each lasting three hours. The tool was built to measure achievement motivation and consists of 36 items. The results showed that the experimental group was superior to the control group.

Keywords: Training program, productive thinking, geography teachers, achievement motivation.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02