Marketing trends for the vegetable oil industry in the governorates of Baghdad and Babylon (a comparative study)


  • Nasreen Salman Rahima Prof. Dr. Anwer Salim Ramadhan


      The research came to focus on the ideal distribution of marketing trends for the movement of production and the movement of workers, both inside and outside the provinces of Baghdad and Babylon, and through the research it was found that the highest quantities marketed within the province of Baghdad were to the center of the Rusafa district with a value of (2340) tons, and the highest quantity marketed within the province of Babylon was to the district of Medhatiya with a value of (164000) tons, as for the quantities marketed outside the two governorates, the province of Baghdad recorded the highest value marketed from them, which is to the province of Babylon with a value of (455) thousand tons. As for the province of Babylon, it was the highest quantity marketed from it, which is to the province of Baghdad at a value of (130) thousand tons, while the movement of internal workers was the highest number of labor coming is from the Mansour district in the province of Baghdad with a value of (222) workers, and in the province of Babylon was the first district of Shomali in the number of workers coming to it to work with (52) workers, but if we review the movement of workers coming from outside the two governorates, it turns out that the labor coming from Wasit province to the province of Baghdad was clear, as were the workers of Muthanna province coming to Babylon.

Keywords: trends, marketing, in, out, production, employees.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02