Evaluation of the secondary education subject taught in the departments of the faculties of education from its teaching point of view- study and application -


  • Prof. Dr. Ali Mohan Abboud Dr. Hamdi Ismail Ahmed Ali


The research aims This research aims to evaluate the vocabulary and topics of the secondary education subject that are taught in the departments of the faculties of education from the point of view of its teaching. (54) teachers، all of whom were selected from the University of Baghdad، Al-Mustansiriya and Al-Iraqiya). Statistical Bag for Social Human Sciences (spss) The results of the research showed that the majority of secondary education teachers in the colleges of education have a desire to teach this subject. academic year، and a number of proposals، including a study similar to the current research on other samples.1- The students of the geography departments have an average level of academic culture.

1- Geography students of both sexes (male - female) enjoy one level of academic culture، as well as morning and evening studies.

In the light of the results of the study، the two researchers concluded the research by presenting a number of recommendations، including the inclusion of a study material for all stages that carries topics that contribute to raising the level of academic culture، and providing academic cultural courses in order to enhance academic culture، which brings the distances between the Iraqi people، especially electronic education، and the need to practice the means The role of media in spreading academic culture، and a number of proposals، including a similar study on a sample of Iraqi university students for other departments

Keywords: calendar - secondary education - colleges of education.

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