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Assessing the Quality and Effectiveness of Scholarship Programs in Iraq: A Study of Impact, Sustainability, and Equity


  • Dr. Ahmed Kanan Sulyman


Iraq scholarship programs, quality assessment, effectiveness evaluation, sustainability equity.


The research aims to prove the advantages of the Iraqi government's scholarship plan and how they contribute to the education and employment development of other countries studies. The questionnaire method is used to collect data from participants in different scholarships in Iraq. A total of 2057 people responded to the online questionnaire. After ignoring 20 answers, 2037 answers were analyzed due to repetition. The first stage of the evaluation involves two aspects: the appropriate investigation of the workplace, the recipient of the scholarship, and the inspection of self-motivation to use their professional knowledge. The survey also collected personal information, such as age, gender, and functional details, from the recipients of scholarships. The study will analyze the education and professional results of scholarship winners, as well as their views on the effectiveness of the plan. In addition, research will investigate the sustainability of the plan and its ability to continue to provide scholarships in the future. Finally, the study will evaluate the plan by checking its accessibility and fairness to various social groups. The study results provide insights on the advantages and disadvantages of the Iraqi scholarship plan, and will affect future political decisions related to education opportunities and justice