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The Efficacy of Bruner's Educational Model for the Improvement of Ceramic Skills among the Students at the Institute of Fine Arts


  • Lecturer: Mayada Hassan Murhaj


efficacy - Bruner – skills


The current research aims to design teaching plans according to Bruner's educational model to improve ceramics skills and testing the efficacy of the teaching plans by applying them to a sample of fifth-grade students in the Ceramics Branch/Department of Fine Arts/Institute of Fine Arts for Girls.

To achieve the second goal, the researcher developed two null hypotheses. The researcher chose a purposive sample from the original community from the Institute of Fine Arts / Al-Karkh for Girls (morning study), Department of Fine Arts, Ceramics Branch, Fifth Grade, with (10) students from Section (A) representing the experimental group and (10) students from Section (B) represent the control group for the academic year (2022-2023). The results of the research showed the superiority of the students of the experimental group that learned the artistic skills of ceramics according to the stages of the educational model prepared according to Bruner's educational model.