Grammatical Guidance in Nouns - Verbs and Tools in the Corner Book of the Deceased Dadith (715 AH) (Comparative Study)


  • Assoc. Prof. Suhair Jawad Ali M. Mona Ibrahim Obaid Hussein


orientation, grammar, comparison, sentence, meaning.


Grammatical orientation is a grammatical phenomenon that has received the attention of ancient and modern grammarians.

 In this research, we focus on this phenomenon according to AL-HADITHI (D. 715 D) in his explanation of IBN AL-HAJIB’S KAFIYAT called AL-KITAB AL-RUKANI.

The axis of our study is nouns, verbs, and tools. AL-HADITHI leads the text and presents it to the grammatical rule, and he mentions the scantest opinion from the Basra and Kufic schools, and guides them to the text, that he selects one of these opinions, or takes a special decision for himself according to his knowledge or what his grammatical ability lead for it, and the multiplicity of grammatical aspects in nouns, verbs, and tools according to one of the commentators of KAFIFA, IBN AL-HAJIB, and it can be said that Grammatical guidance has arisen since the arisen of grammar in its conventional sense. The grammarian mentions the ruling and then infers it by analogy with the speech of the Arabs. Thus, he used to direct the text to conform to the grammatical rules based on the rules of the Arabic language. In this way, the text was compatible with Arabic on one side, and the grammatical orientation of the HADITHI in general was characterized by what could be called mingling and selection. That is, he was mingling the opinions of grammarians and their schools of thought on a single grammatical issue, and he recommended deep research into our Arab heritage and displaying its creativity, to enrich modern studies with it.


2023-11-08 — Updated on 2023-12-03