Strategic Impact for Be Careful, Find Out, Build Relationships, Answer and Be Confront, Try Out, Find the Solution in the Achievement of Social Studies Subject among Fifth-Primary Female Students


  • Asst.Lect. RAJAA NEAMA Alfet


strategy, student, fifth primary


The current research aims to identify the impact of two strategies, "Be attentive, know, build relationships, answer" and "Confront, try, present a solution," on the academic achievement in social studies among fifth-grade female students. To achieve the research goal, the researcher formulated the main null hypothesis: There is no statistically significant difference at the 0.05 level between the mean scores of the students in the three groups—the first experimental group studying social studies using the "Be attentive, know, build relationships, answer" strategy, the second experimental group studying the same subject using the "Confront, try, present a solution" strategy, and the control group studying the subject in the conventional way in the dimensional achievement test. The researcher adopted a partially controlled experimental design for the three research groups: two experimental groups and one control group. The groups were equated in the following variables: chronological age (calculated in months), intelligence test scores, and fourth-grade social studies scores for the previous academic year (2018-2019).

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