Effectiveness of E-learning Platforms in the Cognitive Development of Sultan Qaboos University's Arabic language and Literature Students during Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19): (An Inductive Analytical Study)


  • Assoc. Prof. Zahir Badar Al Ghusaini BA. Thuraya Talib Al Ghafri


Sultan Qaboos University, cognitive development, Arabic language, educational E-platforms, coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)


This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of E-learning platforms in the cognitive development of Arabic Language and Literature students from the colleges of Arts and Education at Sultan Qaboos University during Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19). To achieve the aim, the researchers developed a questionnaire of 30 statements distributed on a non-random sample of students from the specialization who encountered covid-19. The study concluded that the teaching system in the department of Arabic language and literature relied mainly during covid-19 on (Moodle) platform due to its flexibility in accommodating the educational materials, and it was preferred by 45% of the males and 41% of the females. As for lectures, (Google Meet) ranked the top as it was preferred by 86% and (WhatsApp) was preferred by 60% as the best tool to communicate with course instructor. The study sample also confirmed that the nature of some courses makes it difficult to achieve their aims except with direct face to face contact.The study recommends the necessity of developing the traditional course delivery system in the department, and of enabling the academic staff and students to the optimal use of educational E-platforms to contribute raising the cognitive development level of university graduates.

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