The Effect of Pentagram Strategies, the Innovative Matrix, and the Hidden Order in Developing Geographical Proficiency in Geomorphology Material for Geography Department Students – College of Basic Education


  • 1Prof. Saad Tuama Blail 2 Ali Mohan Abboud


strategy, pentagram, innovation matrix, hidden arrangement, development, geographic prowess.


The research aims to impact the pentagram strategy, the innovative matrix, and the hidden arrangement in developing geographical proficiency in the subject of geomorphology among students of the Department of Geography-College of Education. In light of the research objectives, the researcher adopted the experimental method as it is closest to achieving and testing the research hypothesis, and the research community was determined. The current study includes all first-stage students in the Geography Department in the colleges of basic education/morning study in the universities of Iraq, except for universities in the Kurdistan region. The first-stage students in the Geography Department at the University of Babylon in the College of Basic Education were approved as a basic sample representing the original community, which consisted of (65) students. As a female student, the researcher decided to conduct the equivalence process in a number of variables that might affect the dependent variables at the expense of the independent variables (intelligence, previous achievement in geography). After defining the components of the research tool (geographic proficiency test), the researcher formulated (38) items and it was applied to the exploratory sample was extracted, and the coefficients of ease, difficulty, discrimination, and effectiveness of false alternatives were extracted. The validity and reliability of the test was verified, and after analyzing the data statistically, the results showed that there was  statistically significant difference between the average scores of the two groups of the research sample on the geographic proficiency test in favor of the first experimental group (the pentagram).

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