Computational Linguistics and its Role in Developing the Educational Process- The Arabic Applied Achievement An Example


  • Dr. Hafssa EL MEJDKI


Linguistics,Applied Linguistics,Computational Linguistics Educational Process, Applied Achievement


The past three decades have witnessed a steady growth in the interest of Arab researchers in employing computational linguistics in the field of education. Hence, the efforts of many Arab experts in language sciences and computer science have tended to keep pace with the contemporary scientific and technical boom in order to raise the level of teaching the Arabic language, with a strong focus on Part of it is to benefit from computational linguistics at the theoretical and applied levels. In light of this, this study came as a new attempt to diagnose the role of computational linguistics in the development of the educational process, by focusing on the applied achievement of Arabic computational linguistics, and diagnosing the reality of its employment, and the extent of its contribution to the development of the educational process, by following one of the descriptive methodological methods, which is the content analysis method. The study reached a set of results, the most important of which are: that the applied achievement of Arabic computer linguistics has contributed to an active role in the field of education, especially through the automatic processing software of the Arabic language, which today constitutes the computer infrastructure for all software and computer technologies that are developed and used in the educational process. It is useful in presenting lessons in automated, computerized ways that keep pace with current technical developments, and contribute to the advancement of education, through the development of the roles of the parties to the educational process (teacher, student, courses and teaching aids), as the applied data of Arabic computer linguistics have so far provided a wide scope for the design and development of many means. Educational software that relies on computer technologies and the Internet. However, the applied products of Arabic computer linguistics are still very limited, and do not keep pace with the technical developments that humanity has reached in the current era, which made the role of the Arab applied achiever in this field very limited in developing the educational process.

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