The Effectiveness Of Using The Constructivist Model In Teaching Geometry On Developing Systemic Thinking Skills Among Sixth Grade Students


  • Inst. Riyadh Zayer Qasim(PhD.)


(constructivist model, teaching engineering, developing systemic thinking skills, sixth grade students)


   The objective of the current research is to identify the effect of using the constructivist model in teaching geometry on developing systemic thinking skills among sixth grade students in the third Karkh Education Directorate. To achieve the research objectives, a quasi-experimental approach is followed by conducting an experiment on a sample of sixth grade primary school students in Al-Madiqa Primary School. The study sample is (68) students from the sixth grade of primary school, distributed into two groups (an experimental group of 32) (a control group of 36). After conducting statistical analysis, the following is revealed: There is an effectiveness of using the constructivist model in teaching engineering on developing the students’ systemic thinking skills. Sixth grade primary students, students with high achievement are more capable of developing systemic thinking skills than others, and the presence of an interaction effect between the teaching method and academic achievement on the acquisition of systemic thinking skills in engineering for the benefit of high achieving students in the experimental group

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