The digital revolution, its inception and its impact on higher education and scientific research


  • Prof. Samir Abdul Rasoul Al Obeidi


Digitization, higher education, scientific research


During the two decades, the world witnessed a tremendous development in the technology and communication sector, and one of its most prominent features was the invention of the internet, which completely a abolished the limits of time and space, while knowledge in its two parts (culture and education) enjoyed a large share of the scientific gains provided by new technology, which provides many and varied scientific resources for researchers and readers.

The higher education and scientific research sector, in all its stages and specializations, has pioneered all the diverse, continuous, and incomparable achievements of the digital revolution, if its academics and researchers contributed to the emergence of the most important inventions in the technology and communications sector, which formed the basis of the digital age virtual education is that type of education that depends on the use of electronic media in communications between teachers and between students and the entire educational institution, the term virtual universities.

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