Argumentative of the style of attention in the poetry of Ibn Al-Haddad Andalusian : A Pragmatic Study


  • Asst. Prof. Haidar Ridha Kareem Al-Umairee (Ph.D.)


pilgrims, Pay attention , deliberative, Ibn Al-Haddad Al-Andalusi poetry


The style of attention is one of the rhetorical methods that poets have adopted in their poems throughout the literary ages. Poets have used it in their creative texts In order to draw the mind of the recipient and direct him towards the goal desired by the poet. It is an ancient rhetorical art that is transferred from the Arab heritage to contemporary argumentative theory because of its ability to communicate, and convincing the recipient through dialogue between the sender and the recipient, as it has the ability to perform a productive act that moves the recipient and complies with him in an effective manner. Perhaps Ibn al-Haddad al-Andalusi is one of the poets who elevate their poems to the level of influence through the logical ideas he presents to the recipient  and sensitive feelings in his poetic vision. In addition, the style of attention represents a sincere emotional experience, carrying in its meaning pragmatic meanings that inspire guidance, influence, and persuasion, by moving in speech from one style to another in its persuasive connotations affecting the recipient

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