Positive Thinking among Students at Al-Mustansiriya University


  • Khadija Khudair Abdel Farhad Asst . Prof. Raghad Ibrahim Al-Moussawi


Positive thinking , Students of Al-Mustansiriya University


Changing life and results for the better begins with changing thinking in a positive way, changing thinking leads to changing attitudes, changing attitudes in a better way leads to changing behavior, and changing behavior leads to changing life, which is a continuous series of changes that begin with positive thinking. Positive thinking also leads the individual to the ability to manage crises, form positive, optimistic feelings and a bright vision, choose positive coping strategies, and personally control negative feelings and thoughts when facing crises.The current research aims to identify positive thinking among students of Al-Mustansiriya University. The sample consiste.d of (400) male and female students. To achieve the research goal, the researcher adopts the (Karim 2018) scale for positive thinking, which is built according to the theory of (Slickman 2010) and consists of (40) items and is completed. Extracting the psychometric properties of the scale, such as validity and reliability, and after analyzing the data using statistical methods such as the t-test for one sample, the Pearson correlation coefficient, and the test for two independent samples, the results showed that the students of Al-Mustansiriya University have positive thinking.

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