The effectiveness of E-training courses and its correlation with developing educational counsellors’ skills


  • Inst. Mohanad Hussein Ali


E-training, school counsellor, E-training courses, counselling skills


The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of electronic training courses organized for educational counselors by the Ministry of Education's training directorates and the preparation and training departments in the general directorates of education in all Iraqi governorates, as well as the impact of these electronic training courses on the guidance skills of educational counselors working in Iraqi High School. The researcher used a descriptive analytical method to his investigation, using a questionnaire based on the Kirk Patrick model for assessing training courses that was adapted to meet the study's aims. The questionnaire was given to total of (412) educational advisers. The findings suggested that school counselors' involvement in E-training was somewhat successful. Furthermore, the findings show that there is a statistically significant relationship between E-training and the development of school counselor abilities. Furthermore, the results revealed that there were no statistically significant associations across factors (gender, school level, and location).

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