The effect of the information stake strategy in acquiring geographical concepts from the social studies book among second-year intermediate school girls


  • Asst.Lect. Raghd Hamdan Abd Al Rastmawi


impact, strategy stake information, acquisition, geographic


The current research aims to determine the impact of the information scaffolding strategy on acquiring geographical concepts from the Social Studies textbook among second-grade female students. To achieve this goal, the researcher formulated the following null hypothesis: "There is no statistically significant difference at the (0.05) level between the average scores of the experimental group students studying geographical concepts according to the information scaffolding strategy and the average scores of the control group students studying the same material using the conventional method in the acquisition test of geographical concepts.

The researcher adopted the experimental method, which includes two experimental and control groups with a post-test design. Deliberately choosing the "Noor Al-Islam Girls Middle School" located in the Palestine Street area, affiliated with the General Directorate of Education in Baghdad Governorate - Al-Rusafa/First, the research sample consisted of 68 second-grade female students, with 34 students in each class. For the purpose of experimentation, Class (A) was randomly selected to represent the control group, while Class (B) represented the experimental group. Students from both research groups were matched by controlling variables (intelligence, age, previous year's geography grades) on Thursday, October 13, 2022.

Eighteen concepts were identified, with a total of 54 behavioral objectives according to the levels of concept acquisition (definition, discrimination, generalization). The researcher used statistical methods such as the independent samples t-test and appropriate statistical methods in the research procedures. The study resulted in the following outcome: The experimental group that studied according to the information scaffolding strategy outperformed the control group that studied according to the traditional method. In light of the current research results, the researcher recommended: the necessity of adopting modern strategies in teaching geography, conducting similar studies to the current one in other subjects and at different stages, and considering other variables such as inductive thinking, attitude towards the subject, critical thinking, and others

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