Reflected Glory among Female Students at Kindergarten Department - study and application


  • Eman Younis Ebraheam, Sarah Mohamad Abd Alrazaaq


The current study aims to identify the reflected glory among the female students of the Kindergarten Department, and to achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers built a scale of reflected glory according to the theory of "Cialdini" (Cialdini, 1976), which consisted of (30) verbal items, and the researchers verified the apparent validity of the scale Reflected Glory and the consistency of its paragraphs, and calculate its stability by the re-test method, as the stability coefficient reached (0.819), and by the (Cronbach's Alpha) method, the stability coefficient reached (0.775).

The researchers applied the scale to the study sample of (400) female students from the kindergarten department / College of Basic Education - University of Mosul, and the sample was selected by the simple random stratified method, and the research data were processed by statistical means that are compatible with the objectives of the study, and among these methods (the t-test for one sample, the t-test for two independent samples, coefficient Pearson's correlation). The researchers concluded that the kindergarten female students enjoyed reflected glory.

 In light of the results, the researchers come up with a number of recommendations and proposals.

Keywords: reflected glory, kindergarten female students

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02