Internet use is problematic they have Middle school students


  • سجاد مرتضى علي، أ.د. سلمان جودة مناع الشمري


The current research aimed to identify the excessive use of the Internet among middle school students, and to achieve the goal of the research, the researcher built a measure of excessive use of the Internet based on the theory of (Kimberly. Young.1998) consisting of (25) items and after verifying the psychometric characteristics of validity, stability and discriminatory power, it became The scale is ready for application. The researcher applied the scale to a sample of (200) middle school students in the General Directorate of Wasit Education, Essaouira Education Department. The middle stage has excessive use of the Internet, and the researcher reached a number of recommendations and proposals.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02