Self-protection among middle school teachers study and application


  • Dr. Anwar Khair Allah Nahab


     The current research consists of a basic concept: self-protection, which is to "move away from embarrassing situations and avoid circumstances that may lead to diminution, disdain, ridicule, and indifference on the part of others."  The research aims to identify the self-protection of teachers in the preparatory stage.  And differences in self-protection among teachers in the preparatory stage, by gender variables (males, female), and specialization (scientific, human).  The researchers followed the descriptive approach.  The study was based on a sample of (420) teachers and schools and after the extraction of honesty, consistency and objectivity, the tool was applied to the basic sample of (520) teachers and schools from the middle school in the center of Babil province,  Random stratified distribution.  The results of the research found that teachers have self-protection in performing their tasks to conform to the school climate.  There are no statistically significant differences in self-protection according to sex (male and female). There are statistically significant differences in self-protection according to specialization (scientific - human). The researchers recommended a number of recommendations, including use of the research tool and other studies dealing with the same fields.  And seminars to shed light on self-protection and its impact on the educational process.  And a number of proposals, including a similar study of the current study on university professors and conduct a study of self-protection in the light of a number of variables, such as: age, moral thinking, decision-making, self-regulation.


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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02