Self-Concealment Among Adolescents


  • Mays Raad Abdul Hamid Dr. Basma karim shamek


The current research aimed to identify:

 1- To identify self-concealment among adolescents.

 2- Significance of differences in self-concealment according to the gender variable.

 The current study is determined by middle school students for boys and girls for the morning study in the Directorate of Education of Al-Qadisiyah (Al-Markaz-Rural) for the academic year (2022-2023), and among the requirements of the study to conduct the research, the researcher adopted the Larson, & Chastain, R.L. 1990 scale), which consists of (10) Paragraphs to measure the variable of self-concealment among adolescents, and the validity of the scale was verified by presenting it to a group of experts and arbitrators, and the stability of the scale was verified in two ways: test and re-test, and the Alpha Cro-Nabach method, and after verifying the accuracy of the psychometric properties of the research scale The scale was applied to the basic research sample of (400) male and female adolescents who were chosen randomly, then the data was analyzed using the statistical bag for human sciences spss, and the conclusion reached by the research is: the sample does not have self-concealment nt, and the researcher has developed a set of recommendations and proposals.

Keywords: self-concealment, adolescents.

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